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We started by growing the best tasting Hazelnuts. Then, we found the best chocolate. It isn’t any more complicated than that. Pure, natural, simple and delicious. We love our simple and natural way of life at Ash Creek, and we believe our products should be a direct image of the life we so love.

Customer Reviews

Scrumptiously decadent❤️
The packaging on these hazelnuts is very attractive. They will be wonderful to use in the many gift and sponsor baskets we put together.

Lisa Patrick

The ordering process was easy and my order was processed and shipped within minutes of my order submission. The order arrived today! The chocolate covered hazelnuts are AWESOME!!! They included extra chocolate covered treats and a personalized, hand written note. That is top notch customer service in addition to a top notch product. Thank you.

Joy Urban Alderson

I received dark chocolate hazelnuts as a gift with a hand written note; they were fresh and delicious. The real measure though of this company, is that they sent an unsolicited gift to the gifter as well.

Chris Byrem Stein

Got these during the holiday’s…wow they are incredible!! Going to buy a bunch more for family and friends

Travis Tisdale

Prior to sampling the Dark Chocolate hazelnuts, I had honestly hated non-pure chocolate. I’m a simple guy, but when I tried that hazelnut, I was honestly changed forever. I want to claim Ash Creek is the number one Hazelnut grower in the state, but I’m not an expert. If you haven’t tried either their dark chocolate or roasted hazelnuts, then I absolutely encourage you to do so. They will literally blow your socks off.

Jeremy Felty

Love ❤️ the dark chocolate hazelnut. yummy. I loved how they are packed. The smell and flavor of fresh product I loved it

Helen Homaiezad

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 Learn more about who we are! At Ash Creek we strive to produce the finest farm direct products available. Our culture of sustainability and commitment to nurturing our land is why our products are of the highest quality.