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  • Milk Chocolate Hazelnuts

    Because dark chocolate just wasn’t enough, our new milk chocolate satisfies cravings by using only the highest quality ingredients. This Gluten and Soy free product made from premium quality ingredients including hazelnuts directly from our family farm is a great gift. Or maybe just an indulgent treat for yourself. The only issue is finding the will power to not eat the entire bag in one sitting. Created in small batches and in high demand they won’t last long. Grab some while you can!

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  • Dark Chocolate Hazelnuts

    You must first start with the hazelnuts. Our hazelnuts are grown using sustainable practices and each individual tree is cared for to match its unique needs. We predominantly grow Jefferson variety nuts which are known for their large size and unique flavor profile. Harvested the last week of October, the nuts are sorted, washed, and dried. Upon being processed, they’re then double dipped in the world’s finest Dark Chocolate. The combination of the large Jefferson Hazelnuts and being double dipped in chocolate creates the perfect nut-to-chocolate ratio. Add our Dark Chocolate Hazelnuts to French Vanilla ice cream or compliment them with a glass of Pinot Noir to intensify the flavor profile. Simple, yet delightful is how these hazelnuts are best described!

    $12.95 Available October 1, 2021.Add to cart